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Eco Loo's

How Does It Work?

Eco Loo's are odour-less and water-less toilets that rely on a dehydration system to dry out human waste and reduce it to between 5 and 10% of it's original size. The systems come with a plastic containment tank which has an entry point on the outside of the unit so that the dehydrated contents can be removed and then composted.


 What Does This Mean For You?

The Eco Loo's are ideal in settings where installing normal plumbing is impractical. The toilets do not require any chemicals, there is no groundwater pollution, they can be installed indoors as well as on their own and you can re-use the and product without having to install an expensive treatment plant.


How Much Does It Cost?

From R5800.00 for one suited to a maximum of ten people's needs to R7080.00 for the twenty person model including VAT and excluding installation.


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